Resident Evil 4 Surpasses 4 Million Copies Sold In Two Weeks

Resident Evil 4 Surpasses 4 Million Copies Sold In Two Weeks

Capcom has announced that the Resident Evil 4 remake has surpassed 4 million copies sold. This makes it one of the fastest-selling games in the series.

The entire Resident Evil series currently sits at around 135 million units sold since the first installment debuted (as of December 31, 2022). “Now, more than 27 years later, continuous support from the passionate fan base across the globe makes it Capcom’s flagship game series,” reads an excerpt from the Capcom website.

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The company made this announcement alongside the release of Resident Evil 4’s free Mercenaries DLC. This mode focuses on building combos with more of an emphasis on action. It throws you into various stages from the main game and encourages replayability. Mercenaries mode was available in the original 2005 Resident Evil 4, as well. The DLC is available in the Resident Evil 4 remake for free across all platforms now.

Resident Evil 4 remake launched to critical acclaim, with many praising its visuals, improved gameplay, and new features, as well.

“Capcom has masterfully created a new version of a beloved game and continues to blaze a trail with its Resident Evil remakes. Like the Resident Evil 2 remake before it, the studio has used advancements in technology and design to modernize an iconic survival-horror and action game by placing emphasis on capturing the spirit of the original, and respectfully evoking the same sense of atmosphere and tone that the original developers aspired to. At the same time, it empowers the player with thrilling new mechanics and places challenges in their way to test their mastery of them. In that respect, the remake stands as a re-envisioning of its past rather than a replication of it. In doing this, it raises the bar for what a good remake is and at the same time, preserves Resident Evil 4’s legacy as a genre-defining experience and one of the greatest games of all time,” wrote Kurt Indovina in GameSpot’s Resident Evil 4 review.

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