Redfall Will Not Have 60FPS Mode At Launch On Xbox

Redfall developer Arkane Austin has confirmed that its upcoming vampire-hunting adventure will launch with Quality Mode only on Xbox Series X|S, with a Performance mode option arriving in a later update. This means that the game will be hard-locked to 30 frames per second as a high resolution is prioritized, which on Xbox Series X will be 4K, and on Xbox Series S, 1440p.

While many modern console games usually feature the option to toggle between Quality or Performance games when they launch, Redfall is one of the exceptions to this rule. Last year’s Gotham Knights also launched with only a Quality Mode option on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and in 2023, its frame rate is still capped at 30fps on console. Deathloop, which was developed by Arkane Lyon, did launch with Quality and Performance modes on PS5, and it retained those options for its Xbox Series X|S launch a year later.

For fast-paced shooters, Performance mode is generally favored, but the sheer scope of the sandbox that Redfall takes place in could be one of the reasons why resolution is being favored over frame rate. In a previous interview, creative director Harvey Smith also mentioned that the game was developed under challenging COVID-19 pandemic challenges and frequent power outages.

With launch day fast approaching, more details on Redfall have begun to emerge. Arkane has confirmed that the co-op vampire shooter will launch with the anti-piracy tool Denuvo on PC, and right now you can enter a sweepstake to win a custom Redfall Xbox Series X console.

“Redfall continues this process of reflection and reinvention, and it’s perhaps the biggest departure from what we expect an Arkane game to be,” Tamoor Hussain wrote in GameSpot’s Redfall preview. “But after getting some hands-on time with the game, it quickly became apparent that underneath the open-world, first-person shooting, and loot, there are systems, mechanics, and gameplay opportunities that are unmistakably Arkane.”

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