Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Will Have a Surprising Amount of Campaigns

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By Jason Collins
| Published

Pokemon games are mostly praised for their interesting and fun storylines, as well as tons of interesting post-campaign content that keeps the gamers entertained while journeying to complete their Pokedex. Admittedly, not every Pokemon fan is also a fan of continuous gaming; some just like to adventure and do battles once they complete the main narrative. Regardless of which group of Pokemon players one might identify with, the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will have to offer the best of both worlds — three distinct campaigns and tons of post-campaign content.

According to IGN, the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be fully-unlocked open-world games with an entirely accessible map that can be explored in any order. On top of that, the game will include three main story campaigns and the usual gym battling route of navigating through the content. This is fantastic, especially for gamers that are in it for the narrative, as they’ll get to explore three distinct storylines set while exploring a single, massive in-game continent.

Those entering the world of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will start their journey in the Paldea region, with the gamers joining a training school — the Naranja Academy in Scarlet or the Uva Academy in Violet. From there, the gamers will receive a special, independent study project that will send them on an exploratory path throughout Paldea, where they will get to experience three grand campaigns. Whether or not these stories are connected remains unclear, but considering that they can be approached in any order, it’s safe to assume that they’re tangentially connected at best.

As expected from the series, the main goal of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is to become the region’s best Pokemon trainer by beating the leaders of other Pokemon gyms. The upcoming game offers eight different champions gamers can challenge, but thanks to the non-linear in-game progression, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet allows gamers to tackle these in-game bosses in the order they see fit. However, that’s only one of the campaigns, and the other two remain shrouded in mystery.

Some non-credible sources suggest that one of those campaigns might revolve around the game’s legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon — the rideable Pokemon that partner up with the players during the early stages of the game. The third purported Pokemon Scarlet & Violet campaign might revolve around the game’s new battle mechanic, called Terastallizing, which allows any Paldea Pokemon to turn into a new gem-like form, making them significantly stronger. Something similar to the Super Saiyajin form from Dragon Ball Z — and very clever wordplay.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will also introduce several other gaming modes, like the Tera Raid Battles, which offer rare Tera-Type Pokemon as rewards. The Pokemon Company hasn’t revealed any official reason as to why and how these features and gaming modes became part of the game, so its most likely that the appearance of those “phenomena” — as they’re referred to in the game — will be explored through one of the purported campaigns. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is set to launch on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.