Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Transfer Release Date Revealed

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should become transferrable to Pokemon Home some time next Spring.

By Jason Collins
| Published

Only days after people obsessed over a new Pokemon evolution, Nintendo started handing out refunds for their recently released Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games due to a number of technical issues plaguing the releases. Now, the company has stated that the recently released game will become compatible with Pokemon Home, allowing gamers to transfer their Pokemon between releases. No specific dates have been disclosed at the time being, but it’s safe to assume that we’ll likely gain access to the service before Midsummer’s Eve (June 23) 2023.

According to Destructoid, both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet don’t support Pokemon Home — a cloud service for Nintendo Switch and compatible mobile devices designed as a Pokemon storage and a place all Pokemon can gather. However, The Pokemon Company stated that the support for the cloud service will become available in spring 2023.

However, it’s also worth noting that the transfers have some limiting factors. While it’s entirely possible to transfer all eligible Pokemon to the Pokemon Home cloud service, transferring Pokemon between different games is limited only to the Pokemon that can appear in the receiving game. Despite the lack of a launch date, seasoned Pokemon trainers can’t wait for new titles to become compatible with Pokemon Home, as it presents the easiest way trainers can obtain all three starter Pokemon.

Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet don’t actually appear in the wild, so gamers are basically stuck with their initial choice for a good portion of the game. Those interested in gathering all three starter Pokemon can do so by trading either locally or online, which implies that you know someone willing to trade. The other way implies breeding a starter Pokemon, which would require using Ditto — a Pokemon that copies other Pokemon, and is thus capable of being a mother to a starter type.

The support for Pokemon Home is a fantastic feature implementation for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet; linking the games would allow gamers to bring their Pokemon from other games to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and take them on new adventures. This is basically the closest we got to the Pokemon metaverse. But as stated above, there are some limitations and incompatibilities between Pokemon generations and the new games.

As was the case with Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, gamers won’t be able to transfer every Pokemon from Pokemon Home into the newest generation of games — Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Since there are over 1,000 Pokemon in the National PokeDex, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet won’t support Pokemon from all previous generations, but only the Pokemon that are available in the Paldea region. Those would be transferrable between the games and the Pokemon Home cloud service.

It’s a bit unfortunate that gamers would have to wait for the feature to roll out, but it would allow gamers to savor the current content and grant them plenty of time to get a full PokeDex in both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

But apart from that, Nintendo still hasn’t taken the game off the market, which suggests that the patch might be brewing in Nintendo’s workshop.