Patti Smith warns against “stupid” fraudster asking fans to send hair

Patti Smith has warned fans about a fraudster who is posing as one of her reps and asking people to send pieces of their hair.

Taking to Instagram yesterday (April 3), the singer-songwriter wrote: “This is [a]
warning against stupid fraud.”

Smith explained in the attached video: “If somebody calls you, emails you, or any of the other ways people communicate supposedly on my behalf asking for something, like perhaps your hair so that they can make me, a… say, wig, it’s obviously [not me].


“I would never have anybody petition anybody about anything. If I want something, I’ll ask for it myself. Anyway, I don’t wear wigs. I didn’t even wear a wig when I played Phaedra in college. I don’t have anything against [wigs], I just don’t wear them.”

The star called the request “the stupidest thing ever”, and added in the caption: “Happy spring everyone, take care of yourselves and find ways to be happy and productive. As for me, my hair is ancient but fine.”

In late 2022, Smith spoke about why she started posting on Instagram, saying she felt that she needed to use the social media platform in order to be “part of society”.

“[My daughter, Jesse] told me that because I wasn’t on Instagram, it was an open field for impostors who were exploiting and soliciting other people in my name and I said, ‘What can I do about it?’” she explained.

The musician’s 2022 book, A Book of Days, was directly inspired by her Instagram account and comprises 366 photographs that capture her life “on and off the road” over the course of one year.


Last month saw Smith perform live at a Paul McCartney tribute gig at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

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