Overwatch 2’s Lifeweaver Is Getting A Control Rework And Healing Buff Soon

Overwatch 2‘s newest hero, Lifeweaver, quickly became popular with fans for his design and his place in Overwatch lore, but many players have found him awkward to play in actual gameplay. Now, two sets of updates are being planned for Lifeweaver–the first a control scheme rework, and the second a set of balance-related changes.

The control rework aims to make Lifeweaver feel a little less clunky to play, and will come into play next week. To cut down on clunky time spent swapping between Healing Blossom and Thorn Volley as primary weapons, Thorn Volley will now be Lifeweaver’s alt fire. The auto-reload time on Thorn Volley will be slowed a bit to compensate for the change.

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Petal Platform will be replacing Rejuvenating Dash as ability 1, and is cancellable with the same button. Rejuvenating Dash in turn will be changed over to Lifeweaver’s double jump, similar to Hanzo’s Lunge.

The new controls will become the default once implemented next week, though players will still be able to select the old control scheme if they choose to.

The balance update is scheduled for April 25, and will apply a major buff to Lifeweaver’s healing, with increased ammo on Healing Blossom, and stronger healing from his Tree of Life ult.

The upcoming patch will also completely remove Parting Gift, Lifeweaver’s passive ability that dropped a ‘gift’ when Lifeweaver dies, healing any enemy or ally player who picked it up.

In a quote retweet, Overwatch League head Sean Miller added that the patched version of Lifeweaver is what will be used for OWL’s 2023 Spring Stage, which kicks off next Thursday April 27. While that doesn’t leave a lot of time for players to get used to the balance updates, pro players will get a few days of early access to hone their skills.

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