Official ‘Barbie’ Trailer Out Now

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C’mon Barbie, let’s go party! The long-awaited live-action film of Barbie has released its first trailer. Here’s everything you need to know about Greta Gerwig’s latest film set to hit theatres July 21st, 2023.

Official ‘Barbie’ Trailer Out Now

The official Barbie Trailer is out now, and we have a stronger idea of what Greta Gerwig’s summer blockbuster is about. The story will focus on on a Barbie who has been from Barbieland for being a less than perfect-looking doll, who then sets out for the human world to find true happiness. The exact twists and turns will be revealed in the movie itself, but the many iconic posters sweeping social media and the fan reaction shows this film will make a huge splash in theatres.

Midge: A Nod to Mattel’s History 

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In addition to releasing the trailer, Mattel has also released posters for the film. These posters included actors listed as Barbie and Ken. Avid Barbie fans may also recognize other vintage dolls represented such as Pregnant Midge and Alan.

Margaret “Midge” Hadley Sherwood was first released in 1963 and marketed as Barbie’s best friend. In the 80s, the Wedding Day Midge was sold, with the groom being Alan Sherwood. The now resurfaced controversy was that model of Midge that was sold “pregnant”. Some parents disliked the “pregnant” Midge toy because they believed that Midge was too young to have children.

In 2013, Mattel decided to revamp Midge’s history, reintroducing her as a best friend of Barbie’s, but unmarried, without children, and with no connection to Allan.

Allan: He’s Ken’s Buddy!

The Allan doll also had an interesting history. He was named after the son-in-law of Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler. The first Allan doll was released about the same time as Midge in 1964. He was marketed as Ken’s friend who could also fit into Ken’s clothes. One can only presume it was so family’s would not have to buy specialty clothes for him.

However, as many modern viewers have pointed out. The way the 60s copy was written it had Allan labeled as Ken’s “buddy” with a trademark sign after it, as though “buddy” had some different meaning. Not to mention, the illustration of a shirtless Ken and Allan wearing an open rainbow-striped button up. Also, Alan’s box says that “all of Ken’s clothes fit him!”

Many LGBTQIA Barbie fans have pointed out how the 60s copy for Allan has some serious homoerotic undertones that they hope to see in the film! While we don’t know for sure, having more positive representation in a movie as bright and campy as Barbie would be a delightful addition to representation in the LGBTQIA community.

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