Noah Cyrus and Vance Joy Know ‘Everybody Needs Someone’ on New Collaboration

The record follows the arrival of The Hardest Part (Deluxe Edition)

Noah Cyrus sorted through the lowest lows on her latest album, The Hardest Part, and continued exploring the same notions of love and self-understanding on its deluxe edition not long after. Now, coming out on the other side, the singer has recruited Vance Joy for “Everybody Needs Someone.”

The record, written by Cyrus and her close collaborator Thief, asks for grace and understanding amidst complex emotions. “Take my hand if you can take me as I am/And take my love, if you can love me, that’s enough,” Cyrus proposes. Later on, alongside Joy, she sings: “But don’t, slip away before the dawn/Morning’s about to come/And everybody needs someone/And I’ll be here waiting.”

Cyrus shared a similar sentiment on “Set For Life” from The Hardest Part (Deluxe Edition), a tender ballad that accepted the love she found at face value.


Both themes – needing community and support – informed the creation of The Hardest Part, which at least partially documented the singer’s recovery from an addiction to Xanax. “I was being helped by everybody that I needed help from, and it took some time to get on my own two feet,” she told Rolling Stone last year, describing the delicate time. “It was coming out in my lyrics. So, it’s like, ‘I’m not going to hide my truth.’ I think it was evident that I was going through something the past couple years — I think my fans saw it. I think the public could see it.”

Putting her feelings into the music was a cathartic experience for Cyrus, who added: “It gave me so much structure in the time that I really needed structure, because I didn’t want to just be sitting around and stirring in my brain. It gave me hope.”

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