‘No Man’s Sky’ adds corrupted planets and more with Interceptor update

Hello Games has revealed the Interceptor update for its open-world sci-fi title No Man’s Sky, which has added new enemies, planets and ships for players to tackle.

Update 4.2 for No Man’s Sky, titled Interceptor, was revealed today (April 5) and pits players against corrupted planets that have spread throughout the galaxy.

These corrupted planets offer new buildings, resources and equipment for adventurous players to discover, including a unique jetpack. However, the loot will be guarded by robot guardians who have been “twisted” by corruption.


“The strange power flowing through corrupted worlds has warped the Sentinels beyond recognition,” teased Hello Games. “Colossal semi-arachnid machines stalk these discordant worlds, ready to pounce upon unwary Travellers. Those who take on the corrupted swarm should beware their devastating flamethrowers and long-distance explosives.”

Sentinel quadruped enemies have also been upgraded, and can now turn invisible while in combat with players. Meanwhile, Interceptor will also allow players to take on Sentinel capital ships, with “high-value rewards” on offer for any pilots who can take one out.

Outside of combat, Interceptor will bring “hundreds” of procedurally-generated variations of Sentinel ships, which can be stolen by players to make use of their advanced technology. These ships are fueled by crystals found on corrupted planets, meaning players may need to venture into danger to keep their new ships running.

Elsewhere, a new mission will task explorers with locating crashed interceptor ships throughout space, which can be salvaged and restored by players to expand their fleet.

Update 4.2 will also introduce a number of bug fixes to No Man’s Sky, along with improved visuals for Xbox versions of the game and movable wrist projects for fans playing in VR.


You can check out the update’s full patch notes here.

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