Nintendo Live In-Person Event Announced For September With Lots Of Game-Inspired Activities

Nintendo is hosting an in-person event this September where attendees can play games, take part in tournaments, see stage shows, and take photos. Nintendo Live 2023, as it’s called, will take place this September in Seattle following the show’s debut in Japan in 2022.

In a press release, Nintendo said there will be a “wide variety of Nintendo game-inspired activities” available in a “large-scale themed area.” Unfortunately, though, Nintendo is not ready to announce the key details, like the dates, ticket prices, and a rundown of the show’s events and games.

Nintendo Live 2023 comes to Seattle in September
Nintendo Live 2023 comes to Seattle in September

Nintendo said the showcase is geared toward families and fans alike as part of Nintendo’s effort to make it as inviting an event as possible.

“During the event, visitors will be able to celebrate the world of Nintendo, taking part in Nintendo Switch gameplay, enjoying live entertainment, cheering on high-energy gaming tournaments and taking unforgettable photos with recognizable characters like Mario and Luigi, among many activities,” Nintendo said, again, without offering any specifics.

More details about Nintendo Live 2023 will be announced “in the future,” Nintendo said.

In recent times, gaming companies have been moving toward hosting their own dedicated fan events to connect with gamers on their own terms and in their own space, and Nintendo Live is another example of that.

In other Nintendo news, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is in theaters now and is already the sixth highest-grossing video game movie in history.

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