New Trophy Hunt Event Is Live In CoD: Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2

Season 3 arrived to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2 on April 12, and now the season’s new limited-time Trophy Hunt event is live. Participation in the event is fairly simple with collecting trophies from eliminated enemies, and you can trade them for cosmetic rewards. Here are all the different ways you can collect trophies during the Trophy Hunt event.

How to participate in the Trophy Hunt event

During this limited-time event, every player will drop a trophy coin whenever they are eliminated in any mode. You can grab these trophies from your kills or earn them by performing specific tasks, such as opening supply boxes. How you can collect the trophies will vary depending on whether you’re playing multiplayer, battle royale, or DMZ.

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In Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, every unique enemy drops one trophy. In non-round-based modes, this must be picked up in order to be banked. In round-based modes, such as Search and Destroy, simply eliminating a unique enemy operator grants one banked trophy. Activision’s wording in the Season 3 blog post suggests only human enemy players count for this event, meaning the AI opponents in Invasion will not drop trophies.

Warzone 2

For Warzone 2, both human enemies and AI opponents drop trophies. However, trophies are lost upon death in battle royale. You’ll need to win the match or bank them at a Buy Station to collect them.


DMZ’s trophies work similarly to battle royale. Both human enemies and AI opponents drop trophies, and these are lost if you die. You must successfully exfil from the match or bank them at a Buy Station.

All event rewards

Trophy Hunt event tab
Trophy Hunt event tab

These collectible trophies can then be exchanged for items shown in the events tab, including weapon blueprints, vehicle skins, and battle pass token tier skips. The full rewards available are listed below.

  • Spade Sunset emblem – 15 trophies
  • Enhanced Vision calling card – 15 trophies
  • Double battle pass XP token – 30 trophies
  • 1 battle pass tier skip – 30 trophies
  • Mud Skirt vehicle skin – 30 trophies
  • Valeria’s Stare loading screen – 30 trophies
  • Bleed Out weapon sticker – 30 trophies
  • A Plan Forms loading screen – 30 trophies
  • Trophy Hunter charm – 30 trophies
  • Track and Kill gun screen – 60 trophies
  • Venom Strike assault rifle weapon blueprint – 150 trophies
  • Trophy Hunt Master calling card – 1000 trophies

Additionally, six more rewards will be unlocked on April 26, including a battle rifle weapon blueprint. Unlocking any 10 items in the event rewards will award a Mastery operator skin for Roze, and unlocking any 15 items will award a Mastery operator skin for Konig.

This event will run for 25 days, ending sometime around May 9, which will likely be the same time as the launch of the mid-season Reloaded update.

Season 3 of Modern Warfare 2 added new maps, Gunfight and Cranked modes, and more. For Warzone 2, battle royale added a Massive Resurgence mode and one-shot snipers, while DMZ received a major overhaul with new features and equipment.

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