New Humble Bundle Includes 7 Hidden Gems From 2022

Humble Bundle presents the In Case You Missed it: Gems of 2022 bundle, which packs a value of $159 across seven games for just $23.

As per usual, there are different payment tiers to choose from. The lowest tier, which starts at $15, includes a total of four games: Supraland Six Inches Under, Haiku, the Robot, PowerSlave Exhumed, and Source of Madness. This already grants you a fun metroidvania to plunge through, a modern version of a classic console game, and more.

The middle tier, which starts at $20, also includes Zero Sievert and Submerged: Hidden Depths, which are a top-down shooter with survival elements, and an exploration voyage through ancient ruins, respectively.

For the highest tier at $23, you’ll also obtain Prehistoric Kingdom on top of all the aforementioned games, which is a management sim where you build and manage a zoo featuring extinct animals. As always, remember that you can set the price either between the lowest and middle tiers, or above the highest option. This bundle in particular supports the Global FoodBanking Network, but you can choose how the money will be distributed between the network and both Humble and the publishers of the games involved.

The In Case You Missed It: Gems of 2022 bundle will be available until February 3, so make sure to jump on the deal soon if you’re looking to catch up on a few games you might have missed last year.

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