‘Naked Education’ receives mixed response from viewers: “Shame on you, Channel 4”

Channel 4 viewers were left divided following the premiere of new body positivity series Naked Education.

Hosted by Anna Richardson, Yinka Bokinni and Dr Alex George, the series aims to normalise different body types, champion differences and break down stereotypes.

However, some viewers objected to a moment in which five teenagers were shown a group of naked adults.


“Channel 4 “Naked Education” is NOT it,” tweeted one person. “Showing children under 16 MINORS, people, strangers I should say, standing fully naked in front of them. WHY? Absolutely not. They do NOT need to see strangers fully naked to be educated on the body.”

Another wrote: “#NakedEducation on @Channel4 right now. I’m not sure 15 year old children should be seeing live naked bodies of men and women in front of them.”

“#NakedEducation How old are the children being shown naked people?,” added another, while others complained that the episode had been aired before the watershed.


However, the show also attracted praise for shining a light on issues such as postpartum depression, eating disorders, and body issues.

One viewer said: “Watching #NakedEducation and wow I’m so glad these conversations are being had. These conversations and stories I wish I’d heard before I was in my twenties. It’s so scary but it’s better to know the realities of pregnancy & childbirth & post-childbirth than be in the dark.”

A second said: “It’s only been on for around 15mins but #NakedEducation is already sharing important information! Definitely needs to be shared in schools!”

Another added: “I am absolutely loving this show!!! #NakedEducation SO RAW AND REAL & conversations that I’ve had with myself in my head being said out loud!!!”

All six episode of Naked Education are now available to watch on Channel 4’s official website and streaming service.

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