Microsoft Unveils New Xbox Design Lab Colors For Elite Series 2

Microsoft has announced a slew of new Xbox Design Lab colors for its Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers, giving players many more options for customizing their own gamepads. Xbox Design Lab Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers start at $150 and the new colors are available right now.

In total, there are 16 main colors for the controller’s top and back cases, 12 colors for the ABXY face buttons, 17 accent colors for the paddles and D-pad, and 25 accent colors that cover the rest of the controller. When Xbox Design Lab launched for Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers in October 2022, there were limited options available, but now there are billions of possibilities for personalization, according to Microsoft.

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Some of the new colors available are Garnet Red, Glacier Blue, Deep Pink, Soft Orange, and many others. There are also additional thumbsticks, the paddles pack, a carrying case, and charging pack available for the Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers, as well.

Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is fully customizable, allowing players to adjust the thumbsticks, rubberized grips, trigger locks, and even includes button mapping. The controller allows for different profiles to be saved, meaning players won’t have to consistently tinker with various schemes.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 also has blue and red Core controller designs available to preorder right now, while the White Core option is currently $20 off at Amazon.

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