Michael C. Hall Returning For Dexter Spinoffs? Actor Speaks On Franchise’s Future

By Douglas Helm
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Michael C Hall returned to his most famous role as Dexter in the series New Blood in 2021. His bound-by-a-code serial killer was a fan favorite for years in the original series, and it seems like Hall enjoys the character as well. At a recent comic convention, Hall talked about the potential spin-offs reportedly brewing over at Showtime, saying “I’m open to the possibility of being involved.” (via Comicbook.com)

Michael C Hall returned to play serial killer Dexter Morgan in New Blood as a sort of redemption for the reviled finale of the original series. Although the show was popular and critically acclaimed in its early seasons, it ended up going a bit off the rails in later seasons leading up to an unsatisfying finale. With New Blood Hall and series writer, Clyde Phillips provided fans with a more definitive ending for the character.

This leaves a lingering question following Michael C Hall being open to returning to play Dexter Morgan again — how? To answer that, we’ll have to delve into spoilers for the ending of New Blood. So, if you were planning on watching that series and remaining unspoiled, here’s your warning.

Michael C Hall’s Dexter Morgan met his demise at the hands of his son Harrison in the finale of New Blood after killing someone outside his code, and realizing his death was the only way for his son to live a good life. With Hall’s character dead, he obviously won’t be coming back in any shows that take place after the events of New Blood. Unless, of course, they decide to make Harrison a chip off the old block.

Michael C Hall and Jack Alcott in Dexter: New Blood

Fans of the series will remember Michael C Hall’s Dexter would often talk to hallucinations of his dead adoptive father, Harry Morgan, played by James Remar. Harry was the one who redirected Dexter’s darker impulses into his vigilante code of ethics. Perhaps Harrison may end up talking to his now-dead father, especially if he’s dealing with the guilt of killing him.

This is one idea of where the franchise could go and how Michael C Hall’s Dexter could be incorporated into a new series. However, the rumored series being worked on at Showtime include a Young Dexter show and a show based around John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer. Hall could potentially be in the show that follows a younger version of his character in flash-forwards, but he’s probably aged out of playing the main role.

As for the Trinity Killer show, it likely wouldn’t make sense for Michael C Hall to show up as Dexter. These two faced off over the course of an entire season, so it wouldn’t make much sense to revisit events that already happened in a new show. Still, Hall’s performance has always been a big draw, so it’s possible the creators at Showtime are working on some way to slip him into any spin-offs they come up with.

In the meantime, you can always revisit the earlier shows while we wait for the spin-offs to come out. You can see Michael C Hall in both Dexter and New Blood on Paramount+. We’ll keep you updated on potential upcoming spin-offs otherwise.

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