Macklemore Reminisces About His Disreputable ‘Heroes’ While Watching ‘Frozen’ With His Kids

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Father Knows Best

Track with DJ Premier marks the fourth offering from the Seattle rapper’s next solo album, Ben

Macklemore pays tribute to his less-than-savory childhood idols on his new song, “Heroes,” featuring DJ Premier

The track boasts throwback boom-bap production from Budo, with Premier crafting a hook out of his signature scratching and chopped-up samples. Over his two verses, Macklemore puffs his chest as he recounts his childhood fascination with gangsters, rappers, and petty crooks of all kinds. The most self-aware part comes when he nods to his present-day status as a dad, comparing viewings of Frozen with his kids to his childhood viewings of Menace II Society: “Now I’m with my kids and we watching Olaf/And I’m like, “Damn, used to wanna be like O-Dog.”

“Heroes” will appear on Macklemore’s next album, Ben, which I set to arrive on March 3. The album — which will mark Macklemore’s first in five years, following 2017’s Gemini — also includes the previously-released songs “Chant” with Tones and I, “Maniac” with Windser, and “Faithful” with NLE Choppa. 


In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, Macklemore spoke about the collection of songs he’d been working on the last couple years and how he kept holding the release until he’d be able to properly tour in support of an album. He also spoke about his seven-year-old daughter has been a helpful critic and editor throughout the process.

“She has absolutely no filter,” he said. “And I’ll go, ‘Maybe she’s got a point. Maybe we don’t need a bridge. Maybe I can re-write that verse.’ There’s just something about that childhood honesty.”

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