Machine Gun Kelly Fired Back At Haters During His AMA Acceptance Speech

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Machine Gun Kelly has been known to raise some eyebrows, with antics that range from climbing to dangerous heights at his concert venues to smashing champagne glasses against his head to his blood-drinking rituals with fiancée Megan Fox. It wasn’t just random haters that MGK called out at the 2022 American Music Awards, though, but those in the rock community, as he took home his second straight trophy in the category of Favorite Rock Artist during the November 20 awards ceremony. 

Machine Gun Kelly, who’s real name is Colson Baker, looked like a whole safety hazard when he arrived to the AMAs in a purple suit adorned with long, silver spikes. Presumably no one was harmed by MGK’s stabby suit, but shade was definitely thrown when the Mainstream Sellout artist fired back at some of his peers in his acceptance speech, saying: 

There have been some people in the rock community who have called me a tourist, but they’re wrong. I’m a rocketman. We weren’t born on the moon but we looked at it and we were curious and then we went there, supposedly. These last two rock albums to me were me going to the moon, but I’m not done exploring the universe yet. I am all genres, I’ll see you…

The last few words of his speech were bleeped out of the ABC broadcast, but the trophy-winner helped us out by repeating the sentiment in an Instagram post following the ceremony, telling his followers, “see you on mars motherfxckersss.” He certainly appears to have no qualms about exploring different genres of music, despite apparently being called a “tourist” by other rockers.

The singer/rapper beat out some pretty big names in the Favorite Rock Artist category, including Imagine Dragons, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Lumineers and Måneskin, before he was able to take the stage to accept his award. As well as making his place in the rock genre known, he also informed us all how uncomfortable his pin cushion of a suit was to wear. I’d just hate to see what would happen if he tripped and fell. Check out Machine Gun Kelly’s full acceptance speech below:

I’m still laughing at that “supposedly” MGK threw in there about us going to the moon, but an AMA acceptance speech is certainly not the time or place to expound on any beliefs he holds about the moon landing. 

Machine Gun Kelly released his sixth studio album Mainstream Sellout in March, which was his second collaboration with drummer and producer Travis Barker. The album was originally going to be titled Born with Horns, and the artists both got tattoos of that moniker on their forearms. Suffice it to say the Blink 182 drummer had a pretty hilarious reaction when MGK informed him of the name change.

On top of his music, this year MGK also starred in the movie Good Mourning, which he also wrote and directed after being inspired by a text from Megan Fox, and he released a documentary about his life called Life in Pink, which is available for streaming with a Hulu subscription