Mac DeMarco Just Handed 199 Unreleased Songs to Fans

One Wayne G collects three-and-a-half hours of music that the indie artist recorded between 2018 and 2023

The usually prolific Mac Demarco made fans wait an uncharacteristic four years before releasing his new album Five Easy Hot Dogs, earlier this year. On Friday, DeMarco made amends for the lengthy hiatus by data-dumping a half decade’s worth of unreleased music on streaming services.

DeMarco’s One Wayne G spans 199 songs stretching over three-and-a-half hours. As an Instagram Stories post from Mac’s Record Label revealed, the compilation was named after NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, who starred for DeMarco’s hometown Edmonton Oilers in the Eighties.


Like the instrumental Five Easy Hot Dogs — which assigned song titles to the road trip locations that inspired each track — the vast majority of One Wayne G songs are named after the date they were recorded, from “20180512” to “20230114.” Along the journey, however, are sprinkled in more fully-formed songs with actual titles like “Proud True Toyota,” “No Doubt About It,” and “The Truth.”

While One Wayne G is only available for streaming and download, Mac’s Record Label hinted at a potential physical release on vinyl and cassette.

DeMarco recently announced a handful of U.S. performances based around his Five Easy Hot Dogs in Los Angeles and New York this July.

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