Listen to Romy sample Glenn-Copeland on blissful new single ‘Enjoy Your Life’

Romy has shared her new blissful and introspective track ‘Enjoy Your Life’, which features a sample from Beverly Glenn-Copeland. Check it out below.

The new single is produced by Fred Again.., Stuart Price and Jamie xx, and features the voice of legendary jazz and folk singer, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, sampled from his 2004 song, ‘La Vita’.

According to Romy, the track was inspired when pop icon Robyn took her to see the Canadian singer perform live in Stockholm. Here, she was particularly moved by the line from the track: “My mother says to me ‘enjoy your life’”.


“When I heard the line… I was speechless. Those few words felt like the most simple and disarming sentence,” she said, adding that the lyric resonated with her as her mother passed away when she was a child.

“Ever since I was 11, I’ve been aware of and drawn to the phrase, ‘Life is short’. I’ve felt inspired by people who I’ve seen react to this by trying to see the positives in life, even when things are going wrong and times are hard.”

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The single – which Romy describes as “emotional music to dance to” – is accompanied by a music video filmed by her wife, filmmaker and photographer Vic Lentaigne. It depicts intimate fly-on-the-wall moments of The xx member, as well as footage of her late mother.

“I hope this song celebrates and shares the words that Glenn said so beautifully and my reaction to it and hopefully uplifts a dance floor along the way,” the DJ added. “ I hope you know I would never want to tell anyone how to feel or to pretend to feel good when they don’t, I know how that feels.”

‘Enjoy Your Life’ marks the second time that Romy has paired up with Fred Again… Last year, the two collaborated on the hit single ‘Strong’, which proved to be her biggest solo track to date.


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Later this week, the musician – whose real name is Romy Madley Croft – will embark on a series of headline performances and festival appearances.

This will include two appearances at Coachella Festival on April 16 and April 23, and ends with a set at London’s All Points East festival on August 28. Other performances include shows in Greece, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Japan and more. Find a full list of dates and remaining tickets here.

Back in January, Romy confirmed that there is “absolutely” more music coming from The xx in the future, as before Christmas she met with bandmates Jamie xx and Oliver Sim to write.

“There’s so much love there,” she said. “It’s been really fun to do some new stuff and learn and have a new experiences like this.”

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