Keanu Reeves Makes TV Lead Debut In Infamous True Crime Serial Killer Story

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By Douglas Helm
| Published

Neo is finally heading to the small screen in his first major television role. Keanu Reeves has officially been cast in the upcoming adaptation of the Erik Larson book The Devil in the White City. The series is set for a 2024 release with eight episodes released on Hulu. Reeves is also on board as an executive producer.

The Devil in the White City is a true crime story about Daniel H. Burnham, an architect with grand visions of making his mark at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The book also focuses on America’s first modern serial killer, Dr. H. H. Holmes who built a “Murder Castle” hotel outfitted with booby traps and other methods of murder. Keanu Reeves is reported to play Burnham, though it would certainly be interesting to see him as a serial killer. The series is also executive produced by Martin Scorsese, Rick Yorn, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, Stacey Sher, Sam Shaw, Todd Field, and Mark Lafferty. Stacey Sher is on as the writer and showrunner with Todd Field directing.

Although we’ll likely be getting this series in 2024, the book has been ready for adaptation since 2010. Leonardo DiCaprio bought the film rights and was ready to adapt it for the big screen with frequent partner Martin Scorsese directing. Eventually, Leo and Scorsese teamed up with Hulu to exec produce it as a series instead. Now with Keanu Reeves on as the lead, the project should finally hit our screens in the near future.

While 2024 seems like a long time to wait, at least the project isn’t stuck in development limbo anymore. In the meantime, we’ll be getting another big Keanu Reeves project a year earlier with the continuation of his John Wick franchise. Though John Wick: Chapter 4 has been pushed back a couple of times, we finally have an official release date with the movie coming out on March 24, 2023. In the last entry to the series, we saw John Wick shot off a rooftop and taking refuge with Laurence Fishburne’s Bowery King. Now he’ll have to go up against the High Table. Chad Stahleski returns to direct the latest entry to the franchise with newcomers like Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgard, Hiroyuki Sanada, Shamier Anderson, Rina Sawayama, Scott Adkins, Marko Zaror, Natalia Tena, and Clancy Brown. In addition to Fishburne and Reeves, Lance Reddick and Ian McShane also return.

If you want to see (or hear) Keanu Reeves sooner than that, you can check him out DC League of Super-Pets which is now in theaters. The animated film depicts the pets teaming up to save Superman. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart star with Keanu Reeves playing Batman. Reeves also recently made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 to announce the anime adaptation of his comic book series BRZRKR would be produced by Production IG and have two seasons. The comic series is set to have a film adaptation on Netflix starring Reeves along with the animated adaptation, to which Reeves will lend his voice talents to.