Johnny Depp’s Most Iconic Movie Prop Just Doubled In Value

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By Doug Norrie
| 8 seconds ago

Johnny Depp might be on the comeback trail after the highly-publicized trial between him and ex-wife Amber Heard finally concluded last month. The initial ruling of that case went in Depp’s favor, and since then it would appear that his stock might be back on the rise after spending years in the cancellation wing of the Hollywood elite. And while it might not be a true sign that his career is fully on the mend (he didn’t come off looking amazing in the trail), there are little tidbits coming out suggesting his name is no longer persona non grata in these streets. One of those is an iconic movie prop from one of Johnny Depp’s most popular films that seems to have increased in value dramatically in the short term.

According to TMZ (via The New York Post), the scissor hands that Johnny Depp wore during the filming of Edward Scissorhands just fetched a massive amount of auction, going well above what the previous estimate had been for the item. Propstore, an auction company, and platform had the scissor hands up for bidding starting on Tuesday with estimates suggesting the value somewhere around $40,000. But in the end, when the proverbial gavel rang, the Johnny Depp prop had actually sold for $81,250. Whether this price “jump” (it was only an estimate after all) was a direct result of the court ruling for Johnny Depp against Amber Heard is just a guess, though one would have to assume that it didn’t hurt.

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Edward Scissorhands is the 1990 film directed by Tim Burton that stars Johnny Depp as the titular character, a dude that was created just like the title would suggest, with scissors for hands. The dark comedy/ romance film also starred Winona Ryder in a story about how looks can be deceiving and what it means to truly love someone for who they are. The movie was critically acclaimed at the time and has developed a core audience, mostly around the director’s faithful. There have been talks of a follow-up film or remake, but those, maybe thankfully, have never come to fruition.

As for Johnny Depp, well after years of lawsuits, his one against Amber Heard for defamation drew to a close last month. It ended with a jury ruling in favor of the actor and the court deeming that Heard owed Depp somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 million dollars. There are plans for an appeal, though at least the initial judgment has seemed to have a short-term help for Depp’s career. He is currently touring with his band in Europe.

Again, a movie prop going for more than estimated at auction isn’t necessarily hard science that Johnny Depp’s career is fully back on the up and up. That will come in the form of major movie productions and big contracts. But it is likely at least something of a positive sign and the timing of the sale surely isn’t a coincidence either seeing as how it was put up within weeks of the trial drawing to a close.