John Mellencamp Asks If Weapons Are Really Our Right in New ‘Hey God’

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Tough Questions

The brooding song helps announce the Indiana songwriter’s new album, Orpheus Descending

John Mellencamp has never minced words, but his new song “Hey God” is direct even by the standards of the guy whose alias is “Little Bastard.”

“Weapons and guns, are they really my rights? Laws written a long time ago,” he growls in the first verse of the ominous, Southern-gothic track. It’s a flat-out challenge to the language of the 2nd Amendment and how its intent has changed since the days it was written. “No one could imagine the sight of so many dead on the floor,” Mellencamp sings to make his point.

By the chorus, he’s questioning if the Man in the Sky has had enough: “Hey God, if you’re still there, would you please come down? We can’t take it no more.”


“Hey God” is the latest sample of Mellencamp’s new album: Orpheus Descending will arrive June 2 via Republic Records. It’s the heartland hero’s 25th album, produced by the singer and cut at his studio Belmont Mall in Belmont, Indiana, and it follows up last year’s Strictly a One-Eyed Jack.

Mellencamp is currently on tour, playing multiple dates at theaters in Nashville, New York, Pittsburgh, and in his home state at South Bend’s Morris Performing Arts Center.

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