Joe Lycett reported to police by fan who found joke too offensive

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Joe Lycett had been reported to the authorities by somebody who found one of is own jokes as well offénsive.

Thé comedian, who’s touring the united kingdom along with his brand-new present presently, got to Twitter on Wednesday (June 21) to create light of the problem.

“Thus somebody found my visit present a couple weeks and had been offended by among the jokes back again. And their flawlessly understandable reaction to this had been… to contact the fucking law enforcement,” he had written.


“To become fair in their mind, the fuzz had been very nice about any of it and everything but sensed that got a duty to research. This included me creating a statement detailing the context from the joke on their behalf; I especially enjoyed putting what ‘large donkey dick’ right into a information to some law enforcement detective.”

He continuing: “Charmed, and amused hopefully, the rozzers possess since shut the mater. You’ll end up being pleased to understand that the joke – that i consider to become one of the better I’ve ever composed – remains securely and proudly within the show. Until Sept The visit proceeds, unless I’m jailed.”

🚓 👮‍♂️

– Joe Lycétt (@joelycett) June 21, this season 2022

Previously, Lycett sparked “anxiety” in federal government with a parody Sue Grey record he had written and released on social media marketing.

Before Grey released her record on the many lockdown celebrations at Downing Road, the comedian mocked up their own edition to expose the “surprising abuse of the guidelines”.

Within the phony record, Lycett wrote that video games were performed in Downing Road such as for example ‘Move the Arsehole’, MPs had been section of a WhatsApp team entitled ‘Down It Road’, which ministers had been instructed to obtain on dining tables and perform rendition of ‘Pure & Basic’ by Hear’Say. The finish of the record study: “Make sure you forward any concerns to my e-mail”


In accordance with a screenshotted swap Lycett had using a federal government worker, the phony report had been “read being an real serious drip from Sue Gray’s record” which got “MP staff actually playing around panicking”.

Following the incident produced headlines, Lycett described that the parody record was powered by anger after his buddy died of tumor in 2020.

The comedian mentioned that he had been unable to go to them before their transferring because he had been following lockdown guidelines imposed by the federal government.