Jisoo on rumours of a feud between BLACKPINK members: “We treat it as a joke”

BLACKPINK member and K-pop soloist Jisoo has opened up about the quartet’s reactions to rumours of feuds within the group.

Following her recent solo debut with her single album ‘Me’, Jisoo joined rapper Lee Young-ji on the latter’s YouTube talk show No Prepare. During the episode, the K-pop idol discussed BLACKPINK and how the members respond to rumours feud within the group, considering the members’ individual successes.

“Some people might think that as BLACKPINK are so famous, there will be trouble between the members and someone might think that certain members have trouble with the others,” Lee commented, asking how Jisoo felt about such rumours.


“We laugh when we see such things,” Jisoo said, sharing that such comments have become a running joke within the group.

“We say [things] like, ‘they say I’m your competition, so be careful’ or ‘why didn’t you post on your Instagram, it caused a rumour, you should’ve promoted my album’,” added the singer with a laugh. “We treat it as a joke.”

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Elsewhere during the episode, Jisoo also discussed BLACKPINK’s international success and revealed that she “doesn’t get stressed out” over the group possibly losing their popularity someday. “I mean, we have to go down eventually after we’ve had our moment,” she said.

“So if we go down, then there will be someone else who goes up. Then it will be better that it continues like this at the moment, that the Korean music industry is doing well around the world,” Jisoo explained.

“And when [BLACKPINK] talk to each other, we feel proud. I think that’s important for a celebrity as a job, so we just think ‘no one can stop us!’”


Meanwhile, BLACKPINK recently released the first preview of their upcoming mobile video game, BLACKPINK The Game. The title will feature puzzle quests, a management-style element, in-game photocards and various other mini-games.

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