Jeremy Renner Reveals The Ridiculous Number Of Bones He Broke In Snowplow Accident

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Jeremy Renner revealed another health update via Twitter, where he stated he broke 30 bones in his snowplow accident.

By James Brizuela
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Jeremy Renner is back with another update via his hospital bed, though he might be at home in the photo he shared on Twitter. The fan-favorite MCU actor seems to be receiving physical therapy for the leg that had previously been mangled in the snowplow accident that took place on New Year’s Day. Renner also revealed that he broke 30 bones in the accident, but that those bones “will mend and grow stronger.”

We are not entirely sure if all 30 bones that Jeremy Renner broke were all in his leg, but we do know that his leg took the brunt of most of the damage. When Renner was taken to the hospital, he was also diagnosed with blunt force trauma to the chest, so it stands to reason that he also broke some of his ribs. This scary accident could have easily taken his life, but we are more than happy to see the man is in good spirits after such a horrific ordeal.

Jeremy Renner had pulled up in a snowplow on the day of the incident, as he was helping a family member get towed out of the snow near his Lake Tahoe estate. However, the snowplow began to move on its own, and when Renner attempted to jump back into the vehicle, he was run over. The result was a severely damaged leg on top of the blunt force to his chest.

The incident has left many pondering what is going to happen, as sources close to Jeremy Renner revealed the extent of his injuries was far worse than initially thought. Renner has had multiple surgeries on his leg, and the growing fear is that he would have to have said leg amputated. So far, that does seem to be the case, as the above photo shows his leg being stretched by a medical professional.

jeremy renner

The hope is that Jeremy Renner is going to heal up, though the process is sure to be arduous. Hopefully, he will still have full function in both his legs following the accident. The good news is that Renner also stated he was returning home to watch the premiere of his Mayor of Kingstown series, which means he was able to leave the hospital. That is a huge step in the right direction for his recovery.

It is also great for fans and well-wishers alike that Jeremy Renner has been upfront with his updates, and has thanked everyone for their continued support. We certainly join the millions of people wishing for a speedy recovery. Hawkeye is meant to be a pivotal part of the MCU, so we hope he will be back to normal and slinging arrows in the coming months.

For now, everyone can continue to wait for good news from Jeremy Renner himself, as he has continually been posting on his social media channels. We understand that is likely drained from the surgeries, physical therapy, and medicine he might be on, but we are glad that he is continuing to provide updates. We also hope that those 30 bones are all going to heal properly.

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