Jennifer Lopez Slammed For Starting An Alcohol Brand But Being Sober

Jennifer Lopez is being criticized for launching Delola, a line of low-calorie cocktails, despite being sober.

By Robert Scucci
| Published

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It’s not uncommon for celebrities to have a side hustle in the liquor industry, and for many, it’s a great way to celebrate life and let loose a little bit. We’ve seen the resounding success surrounding Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s Dos Hombres brand of mezcal that the Breaking Bad alums developed and endorsed. But for Jennifer Lopez, it seems as if she’s receiving quite a bit of backlash for launching her own liquor brand, according to Page Six.

Unlike Cranston and Paul, who have been seen partying with fans at pop-up events and imbibing on libations like some swashbuckling mezcal pirate duo, Jennifer Lopez has been outspoken about not being a drinker throughout most of her career. Fans are right to be suspicious of her newly launched Delola brand of low-calorie cocktails. Even her loyal fans are calling her out for succumbing to the dark side of capitalism.

It’s not only the “selling out” aspect that has Jennifer Lopez’s fans in an uproar. Her Instagram comments are full of criticism in regard to her husband Ben Affleck‘s (Air, Good Will Hunting, The Last Duel) past issues with alcohol, for which he has been to rehab a number of times. To many, this business move doesn’t make sense, and we all know the saying, “haters are gonna hate,” all too well at this point.

Not everybody is mad at Jennifer Lopez for launching Delola, however. At the end of the day, business is business, and even if J Lo doesn’t get high on her own supply, why can’t she be passionate about those who are able to drink responsibly? Though she doesn’t personally consume alcohol, and her husband is working on his sobriety, plenty of people are thrilled that there is a new line of cocktails that appeals to their palates.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Ben Affleck

Whatever backlash Jennifer Lopez may be receiving from launching her own alcohol brand, it should be noted that at this point in her career, she’s pretty much impervious to criticism and will continue to do whatever she wants to do. And she’s right to confidently stand behind whatever project she’s working on. There aren’t a lot of stars out there with eight studio albums (most of which have been certified Gold or Platinum) and dozens of movie roles under their belt.

Even if Jennifer Lopez is playing the game of capitalism, her long and decorated career also boasts an intimidating amount of philanthropy on her part. So even if she’s currently being accused of starting Delola for the sake of making a buck, it’s safe to say that Lopez has deep pockets when it comes to her charitable efforts. In fact, she founded the Lopez Family Foundation with her sisters in 2009 with the goal of providing healthcare and education to those who cannot afford it.

It’s hard to tell what Jennifer Lopez’s motives are in launching her alcohol brand, and she certainly has thick skin at this point in her career when it comes to receiving criticism. For those who do enjoy the occasional drink, it’s pretty cool that you can stylishly taste the flavors that were developed by Jenny from the block. Whether J Lo is occasionally letting loose or not may be a hot topic of discussion as of now, but why stop her fans from enjoying cocktails developed by their favorite pop star, actress, fashion model, sex symbol, and entrepreneur if she’s got one for sale?

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