Identity Of Star Trek: Picard’s Borg Queen Revealed

Terry Matalas confirmed the Borg Queen in Star Trek: Picard is Alice Krige.

By Jonathan Klotz
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Star Trek: Picard Season 3 continues to be the greatest part of the franchise, partly by respecting everything that has come before and also by throwing everything into a blender and tossing the crazy results on-screen. Episode 9, aptly titled “Vox,” given the big reveal, brings back not only the original Borg Queen, but the original actress, Alice Krige, from Star Trek: First Contact. It’s been almost 30 years since the seductive controller of the alien hive mind first appeared as a disembodied torso, which prompted a fan on Twitter to ask Terry Matalas for clarification.

To say that the Borg Queen being back, even with just one episode left in Star Trek: Picard, is incredibly exciting for fans would be an understatement. Following Deanne Troi (Mirana Sirtis) probing Jack Crusher (Ed Speelers) to find the source of his troubling visions, it’s revealed that the young man shares more in common with his father than human DNA. Somehow, the parts of the Borg that remained in Jean-Luc Picard after his transformation into Locutus were passed on to his son, turning him into a human(ish) locator beacon for the Collective.

The back of the Borg Queen in Star Trek: Picard

A long time ago, the Borg Queen explained that her goal with Locutus was to have a counterpart to lead the species with her as they assimilate all life in existence. Instead of finding that figure in Picard, it stands to reason that his son, born with the Borg as part of his very genetic makeup, would be much easier to bend to her will. If that was the only part of her plan, it would be evil enough and set the stage for an emotional finale, but it’s not, and the Queen has risen to be the greatest threat Starfleet has ever seen.

Starfleet’s plan to connect every ship through the Fleet Formation program sounds a lot like the Borg’s assimilation, and that well-intentioned plan is what allowed Vadic’s Changelings to cause so much damage. While most of the season built up the Changelings as the major villain, now it’s revealed they were working for the Borg Queen, installing a virus that has allowed every young person in Starfleet to be assimilated. Fittingly, the finale of Star Trek: Picard sets up a battle between the previous generation and the next generation.

While that sounds amazing, and we can not wait to see it, potentially in glorious IMAX, hearing Alice Krige back as one of science fiction’s most sinister villains makes the last two seasons worth the struggle. In one movie, Krige’s portrayal of the Borg Queen forever altered Data, presented a worthy adversary to Picard, became the strangest sex symbol in history, and managed to conquer Earth.

Data and Borg Queen

Alice Krige is back as the Borg Queen, Star Trek: Picard is hurtling towards the biggest episode in franchise history, and finally, after decades, Star Trek is fulfilling its potential as the best science-fiction universe. Coming up next is the last rodeo for Riker, Troi, Crusher, LaForge, Worf, Data (sort of), and Picard, and fittingly, the ramshackle crew on the run from their allies, will meet their greatest threat head-on with the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.

All good things…

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