How many episodes of ‘Beef’ on Netflix are there?

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong lead comedy drama series Beef on Netflix.

Created by Lee Sung Jin, the series follows Danny Cho (Yeun) and Amy Lau (Wong) whose worlds collide in unexpected ways following a road rage incident.

A synopsis reads: “A road rage incident between two strangers – a failing contractor and an unfulfilled entrepreneur – sparks a feud that brings out their darkest impulses.”


Other cast members include David Choe, Young Mazino, Joseph Lee, Patti Yasutake, Maria Bello, Ashley Park, Andrew Santino and Justin H. Min.

How many episodes are there in Beef?

The series spans 10 episodes in total. All episodes were released on Netflix on April 6, 2023.

Is there a trailer?

Netflix released a trailer last month – check it out above.

Yeun and Wong both serve as executive producers on the project, alongside Sung Jin, Jake Schreier, Alli Reich and Ravi Nandan.

Along with The Walking Dead, Yeun is known for roles in films Burning, Minari and Nope. Wong is a comedian and actor, who previously worked with Yeun on the animated series Tuca & Bertie.


Speaking to the Independent, Yeun said he believes the show says a lot about society. “I just see a giant mirror up to all of us,” the actor said. “We’re living in a lot of isolation, building a lot of stories up in our head. Maybe all we really want to do is connect to somebody.”

“They’re letting walls down,” Wong said. “They’re seeing each other at their ugliest. There’s a deep acceptance that’s obviously very cathartic and very necessary. I think that’s the most unexpected and beautiful part about our show.”

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