How Long To Beat Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is out now, and if you find yourself ready to bonk zombies on the head by the thousands across a full playthrough, you likely want to know how long the game is. We’ve played it in its entirety and can answer that question. As always, the answer somewhat depends on what kind of playstyle you’ll bring to it. But we’ll go over all of those different approaches and you can decide where you land. If you’re wondering how long Dead Island is, here’s your in-depth answer.

How long is Dead Island 2?

A typical Dead Island 2 playthrough is going to take players somewhere between 15-20 hours. Far from the estimates of some other more gargantuan RPGs as of late, it could be argued that Dead Island 2 does not overstay its welcome. Still, this estimate can vary based on a few factors.

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For one, this estimate assumes a playthrough in which you complete the main campaign and some side content. There are 24 main missions in the story, alongside 33 side quests and another 15 tertiary missions collectively called Lost and Found. If you wanted to complete all of these, your playthrough would run you closer to 30 hours or even a bit more, similar to our Dead Island 2 review playtime.

On the flip side, if you merely wanted to speed through the story and skip most side attractions, you could feasibly do that in about 12-15 hours. But we highly recommend making some time for the side missions, as they’re some of the best parts of the game, and they’re usually how you’ll come across Dead Island 2’s best weapons. If time is of the essence, you can always fast travel, too.

We have plenty more to show you about Dead Island 2, so be sure to check it out in our guides hub. Alternatively, if you have your eyes set on another big game this month–perhaps one with lightsabers–check out the gallery below of April’s biggest games.

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