Henry Cavill’s Superman To Appear On TV Series?

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Henry Cavill’s new deal as Superman could involve the man appearing in DC TV shows.

By James Brizuela
| Published

Henry Cavill is currently meant to be one of the central figures in the DC Cinematic Universe, as the man has left behind The Witcher to take more of an active role in future Superman projects. A new rumor has stated that Cavill will not only be returning as the Last Son of Krypton for a new solo movie, but the plan is also to involve Superman in TV shows as well. While that might sound a bit odd, James Gunn did bring Peacemaker from a movie into a highly successful series.

James Gunn and Peter Safran are now co-CEOs of the DC Films division, with Gunn reportedly taking over the creative side of things. Gunn, Safran, and David Zaslav (CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery) had taken on a meeting where they held an open discussion about the plan to take the comic franchise to the next level. One of those plans could have been a new contract and layout for how Henry Cavill’s Superman fits into everything.

While a new deal for Henry Cavill as Superman has not been put in place, it could be because both parties are ironing out the finer details of his many presumed appearances. Cavill joining the DC Cinematic Universe for TV shows is a fantastic idea, as he can now be connected to whatever spinoff shows happen in the future. We would imagine that his cameo in Black Adam will surely not go to waste, and he is going to be seeing a new deal signed quite soon.

Black Adam holds its own level of spinoff possibilities, as many people are likely to want to see more about Doctor Fate and his cohorts, which could come in the form of a spinoff show. Considering Henry Cavill and his Superman appeared in the movie, it would make sense for him to then appear in whatever extended universe shows happen as well. There are plenty of possibilities, and if DC is meant to fashion itself after the MCU, then bringing in heroes for both movies and shows is certainly the direction to take.

Though the CW shows like The Flash weren’t connected to the DC Cinematic Universe, Ezra Miller’s Flash still appeared in the show alongside Grant Gustin. We wouldn’t imagine that Henry Cavill is going to be appearing as Superman in anything at that level, no offense to the CW, but there could be some more multiversal things happening that bring in Cavill. The Flash movie is also meant to bring in the multiverse far more, so there could be plenty of instances that would see Cavill flying in to save the day.

Henry Cavill’s return as Superman in the DC Cinematic Universe is massive news, and the comic-loving world erupted with excitement when he appeared in Black Adam. It had long been hoped for and rumored that he would return, and we are all glad that he is now. While we wait for this new deal to get done, it is quite exciting that the plan is to now bring Cavill in for more than just movies.