‘He Shot Me’: Man Injured Alongside Nipsey Hussle Testifies, Recalls Slain Rapper’s Last Words

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Among the two guys wounded when Nipsey HussIe had been brutally executed within a South LA parking lot 3 years back testified Mon that after the hail of gunfire finished, he noticed what likely had been the famous rapper’s last phrases.

“He photo me. I had been photo by him,” Hussle mentioned as he place bleeding on the floor outside his Marathon clothes store following the shooter fled the picture, see Shermi Villanueva, 47, informed jurors.

Villanueva mentioned he ánd his uncle, Kérry Lathan, have been speaking with Hussle while position between two parked vehicles secs before their assailant – determined by prosecutors as Eric Owner Jr. - strolled and began firing up. “I noticed it, and I noticed Nipsey drop after that,” Villaneuva mentioned, discussing the volley of pictures. “AFTER I looked and find out Nipsey, I began to operate.”

Villanueva, who mentioned he works within the “clinical field,” referred to feeling something hit his belt buckle. He afterwards observed bleeding but eventually declined a demand from paramedics he go directly to the hospital for therapy that time, he mentioned.

7 days

During his starting declaration final, Deputy District Lawyer John McKinney warnéd jurors that obtaining Villanueva to start about the occurrence was “likely to be a problem.” McKinney mentioned Villanueva was raised within the South LA community where in fact the shooting occurred, an area where in fact the Rollin’ 60s gang discourages folks from cooperating with police of any kind or type.

Indeed, Villanueva’s testimony had been therefore stilted and soft-spoken, it was challenging to hear sometimes. He refrained fróm characterizing his responses and gave extremely dry, yes or even zero solutions mostly. Questioned by Holder’s protection attorney, Aaron Jansen, what occurred when he flipped and noticed his uncle on the floor using a bullet wound furthermore, Villanueva sounded scientific.

“He had been like, ‘I’m photo furthermore.’ We had been watching Nipsey, and he had been like, ‘I’m photo furthermore,’” Villanueva testified. “I informed him, ‘Don’t shift,’ because he mentioned he had been photo in his back again, and it had been possible he may have a spinal damage.”

Villanueva mentioned he or she noticed the shooter utter any phrases before he or she opened up fireplace never ever. He previously no feeling anyone had been in peril resulting in the lethal strike up, he testified.

Owner, 32, provides pleaded not liable to one count number of pre-meditated murder for your slaying of HussIe and two matters of first-degree attempted murder for your accidents to Villanueva ánd Lathan. Jansen mentioned in his starting statement that Owner attacked “in heat of interest,” significance his activities weren’t pré-meditated.

Prosecutors state Holder fired at the very least 10 rounds into Hussle from the dark semiautomatic handgun in a single hand and an inferior sterling silver revolver in another, eliminating the 33-year-old posthumous Grammy champion close to the intersection of Slauson Crenshaw and Avenue Boulevard on March 31, 2019.


Ingrid Caston furthermore testified, recalling how she had been sitting within the driver’s aspect of the parked Audi, consuming some food, once the firing apart unfolded simply foot.

“I noticed shots, also it sounded like fireworks. I thought to the female within the electric motor vehicle beside me, ‘Are usually those fireworks?’” shé recalled. “Everybody began scattering, and some individuals ran. Nipsey, I noticed him drop.”

Caston mentioned she noticed the shooter and thought it was exactly the same guy she’d seen previous in the car parking lot travelling without a clothing. She heard than seven” shots “more. “I used to be so concentrated. I’m viewing in disbelief, and soon after when he completed after that, he had been kicked by him and after he ran ideal by me. I used to be shocked, searching. That’s how it just happened.”