Harry Potter Greenhouse Set Added to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – Global Bulletin

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Studio room TOUR

Tóm Felton , whó performed Draco Malfoy within the Harry Potter movie franchise, experienced a shrieking Mandrake flower as he introduced Teacher Sprout’s Gréenhouse , a fán-favorite established from the movies, where learners were trained their Herbology classes with Teacher Pomona Sprout . Constructed by the initial Harry Potter filmmakers, the greenhouse houses several magical and exotic plants. The new development starts at Warner Bros. Studio room Visit London – The Producing of Harry Pottér on JuIy 1, and it is component of a fresh function entitled Magical and “Mandrakes Creatures,” that will tell you Sept. 12. People to the Studio room Tour can step in to the greenhouse and prevent to grab a potted Mandrake within an interactive screen.

The greenhouse is really a permanent add-on to the Studio room Tour. Furthermore, Warner Bros. Studio room Tour London will undoubtedly be expanding the surface sets within their backlot using the fountain through the Hogwarts courtyard along with a 1:3 scale-version from the Weasleys’ Burrow.


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