Halsey reportedly leaves Capitol Records in “bittersweet” split

Halsey has reportedly left Capitol Records in a “bittersweet” split.

Spokespersons for both the artist and the label are reported to have confirmed the end of Halsey’s time at Capitol this evening (Saturday, April 15). Variety claims that both Halsey’s managers at Anti-Pop and the record company have confirmed the ‘Without Me’ singer and Capitol have agreed to end their collaboration.

“After eight great years the decision to leave Capitol is bittersweet, but we are excited about exploring a new partnership and sharing new music with fans,” said the pop star’s managers, Jason Aron and Anthony Li, in a statement seen by the publication.


Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Capitol issued a statement saying: “Everyone at Capitol poured their hearts and souls into helping Halsey achieve their dreams and present their music to the world. We are incredibly proud of all we accomplished together, and wish Halsey the very best in all their future endeavours.”

Halsey performing at 'Diablo 4' launch
Halsey performs at the 2022 Game Awards to launch ‘Diablo 4’. CREDIT: Blizzard/YouTube

Halsey has yet to personally comment on the matter, with the ‘Gasoline’ singer staying silent on the matter for now.

The parting of artist and record company comes a year after Halsey went public with a dispute between theirself and Capitol. The chart-topper went public with a dispute over a particular piece of music in May 2022. They claimed the release of ‘So Good’ was being delayed until the label could “fake a viral moment on TikTok”.

“Basically i have a song that i love that i wanna release ASAP but my record label won’t let me…ive been in this industry for 8 years and ive sold over 165 million records…i deserve better tbh [sic],” they wrote at the time.

‘So Good’ was subsequently released, alongside Capitol Records tweeting that they “love” and “support” Halsey. According to the latest report on Halsey’s relationship with Capitol, it’s claimed they were believed to have been negotiating an exit strategy from the label during recent months.


In other news, Halsey recently announced they are set to star in the third instalment of the A24 Mia Goth-led X franchise, MaXXXine.

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