Gordon Ramsay reacts to being namedropped by NCT’s Mark

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has reacted to being namedropped by NCT member Mark in the new song ‘Golden Hour’.

On April 7, Mark released his new solo song ‘Golden Hour’, as part of the group’s ongoing ‘NCT Lab’ project. The song makes a reference to Ramsay in its lyrics: “Excuse mе waiter / That golden yolk in the middle / Make it right / I’m callin’ Gordon Ramsay“.

According to Mark, the namedrop was inspired by a 2018 post by an NCT fan, who tweeted a picture of their “boyfriend” making eggs to Ramsay. However, the image was actually a screenshot from the TV series It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets of Mark cooking.


Ramsay later quote-tweeted the original post, encouraging the fan to “get back on Tinder”. See the original tweets below.

Days before the release of ‘Golden Hour’, Mark held a livestream where he spoke about the inspiration for the song. “To the fan that really started all of this for ‘Golden Hour,’ the person who sent that tweet to Gordon Ramsay in the first place years ago… Shoutout to the person,” he said.

Ramsay has since responded to Mark’s new song, reacting to it by stitching a TikTok the K-pop idol recently posted. The chef makes a reference to the song by pretending he’s waiting for a call from Mark.

“I’m still waiting for my call….hope the eggs are better now !” Ramsay wrote in the TikTok’s accompanying caption. Watch it below.


#stitch with @official_nct I’m still waiting for my call….hope the #eggs are better now !

♬ Golden Hour – MARK


Mark also recently spoke about the NCT Dream’s now-scrapped graduation system and what it felt to go through it. “[It] was traumatic but we had to endure it and go on,” he said.

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