Get A PC And Switch Fight Stick For Only $22 Ahead Of Street Fighter 6

Get A PC And Switch Fight Stick For Only  Ahead Of Street Fighter 6

Great fighting games deserve great controllers, and if you’re looking to emulate the sensation of being in a local arcade for a few rounds of Street Fighter without breaking the bank, then look no further than this Hori Fight Stick. Usually retailing for $50, this retro-styled arcade controller is now on sale for just $22. At that price, you could buy several of them in case one breaks from button-mashing too ferociously.

While it is listed as a Nintendo Switch controller, the great thing about this fight stick is that it’ll also work on PC. With Street Fighter 6 coming in June, it’s a very affordable and compact option for playing the game using an old-school controller.

As for the actual hardware, there’s nothing complex here. It’s coated in a layer of NES gray, it features a full eight-button layout, and it has a proper micro switch-activated joystick. Its small size makes it perfect for your desk or lap, and if you are intending to use it on a surface, it has rubberized feet to prevent it from flying off your table when you pull off a particularly complex combo. Nobody wants to play Street Fighter for real.

On top of that, there’s a long wired cable and a dedicated capture button for grabbing highlights of your digital wins or most embarrassing losses. If you’d prefer something a little more advanced, you can also check out the Street Fighter 6-themed Hori Fighting Stick Alpha for PS5. This one has more advanced hardware and deeper customization features, but those come at a more premium price tag of $230.

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