From Guy Fieri to Marie Kondo: Hollywood’s Lifestyle Leaders of 2022

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Meet television’s most skilled laborers. 

Variety’s inaugural Lifestyle Leaders Impact List is designed to highlight the stars and fast-rising names in an unscripted content sector that increasingly crosses the boundaries of TV, retail, e-commerce and live events. But lifestyle TV also defies easy definition: There are as many shows and destination channels as there are lifestyles. For our purposes, we’ve defined Lifestyle Leaders as those born entrepreneurs, serial startup launchers and first-in-last-out folks who make the business world go round. By and large, these are people who know what it means to make a payroll, to measure their profit margins and negotiate a group health care plan. This survey of talent focuses on those people who came to TV because of their success or track record of innovation as business operators. 

For these boldface names, TV is but one of their professional pursuits. Chip and Joanna Gaines, of Magnolia fame, are the modern pinnacle of brand builders, integrating their TV work so seamlessly with their off-air business interests (Magnolia’s many lines of home renovation, design, furnishings, decor, publishing, cooking) that it becomes a 24/7 marketing flywheel: The TV shows promote the other businesses, and their retail business helps reinforce TV viewership. “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott are also adept at this balancing act. 

From “Cake Boss” star Buddy Valastro and his pizza vending machines to Marie Kondo helping us tidy up our lives, here’s a look at the top stars who blend business and media into a tasty souffle. — Cynthia Littleton