Frank Grillo Reveals The Purge 6 Is Ready To Go And Would Close Out The Series

Frank Grillo says the script for The Purge 6 is done and Universal is looking it over.

By Douglas Helm
| Published

We haven’t seen anything from Blumhouse’s The Purge franchise since 2021’s The Forever Purge came out, but there have long been rumblings about a sixth movie. In a recent interview with, star Frank Grillo revealed a big update on The Purge 6 saying ” (James DeMonaco’s) got the script, man,” and “The script has been written, he submitted it to Universal.” He also revealed that the film would center on his character Leo Barnes and that it would be written as the final entry to the franchise.

The Purge franchise takes place in a dystopian America where, during the annual titular event, all crime is legal for a 12-hour period. Frank Grillo has been in two films in the franchise, which has grown in scale with each entry. The Purge 6 seems like it may be the most expansive entry to the franchise yet.

There have been two entries to the Purge film franchise since Frank Grillo’s character last appeared. We first met Leo Barnes in the franchise’s second film Purge: Anarchy and then again in the follow-up Purge: Election Year. It will be interesting to see where they bring his character in The Purge 6.

According to earlier reports, the script supposedly follows Frank Grillo’s character in a remapped America during the Second Civil War. The Purge 6 is also supposedly taking place 10 years after the previous film The Forever Purge. The script will also take also through several Purge states, and there may even be the concept of a worldwide purge introduced.

Frank Grillo’s character was last seen in Purge: Election Year where he was the chief of security for lawyer-turned-senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), who sought to win the Presidential election and end the Purge. The film ended with Roan winning the election in a landslide and working on outlawing the Purge while members of the New Founding Fathers stage violent protests. The Forever Purge sees the Purge reinstated after eight years of no purges, so The Purge 6 will likely continue to explore the ramifications of these choices.

It will be interesting to see if any of the previous characters will be brought back along with Frank Grillo’s character in The Purge 6. For now, we know that James DeMonaco will be back as director and screenwriter for the film. Presumably, Jason Blum, Brad Fuller, Andrew Form, Michael Bay, DeMonaco, and Sebastien Lemercier will also return as producers after producing all of the previous films in the franchise.

Although Frank Grillo says that The Purge 6 is going to be the final film in the franchise, it’s not a sentiment we haven’t heard before. Supposedly, The Forever Purge was supposed to be the final film until Jason Blum and James DeMonaco decided otherwise. If the film does as well financially as the previous films have, there could always be more spin-offs.

If Frank Grillo’s The Purge 6 follows the same trend as the low budget and high returns of the previous films, it’s hard to say if this will truly be the end of the franchise. After all, the combined budget of all the films up to this point was $53 million, and the combined box office is $535 million worldwide. It’s difficult to see Hollywood giving up on that anytime soon.

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