Fortnite Scout Regiment Footlocker Locations

With Fortnite Update 24.20, Attack On Titan has overtaken the island, with ODM Gear, Eren Jaeger quests, and Scout Regiment Footlockers. The Scout Regiment Footlockers serve as special chests, containing the ODM Gear, the special movement tool and weapon. You will need to find some of these chests and use the ODM Gear inside to unlock Eren Jaeger in Fortnite. The Scout Regiment Footlockers are scattered throughout the island and here’s where you can find them.

Where to find the Scout Regiment Footlockers

As shown in the above image via Fortnite.GG on Twitter, the Scout Regiment Footlockers are spread throughout the island with the new update. Our testing suggests that these spawn locations are consistent from match to match, with a Scout Regiment Footlocker almost always appearing at each location.

The Scout Regiment Footlockers are large brown chests adorned with a military logo on top.
The Scout Regiment Footlockers are large brown chests adorned with a military logo on top.

While the Scout Regiment Footlocker Locations are consistent, the contents are not. Each chest appears to be guaranteed to contain the ODM Gear, one of the new Attack On Titan items. However, the Thunder Spears, another Attack On Titan item you will need to complete the Eren Jaeger quests, appear only in some of the Scout Regiment Footlocker. While the exact frequency is unclear, I had to open five or six Scout Regiment Footlockers before finding the Thunder Spears for the first time. One of the locations where you can find a footlocker is in the Jaeger’s Family Basement, located in Anvil Square.

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