Fortnite Lantern Fest Slippery Slide And All Parkour Challenge Locations

Fortnite is keeping the Lantern Fest Event rolling with some new quests, including one that asks you to complete three parkour challenges on Lantern Fest Tour Island. These will test your platforming capabilities and reflexes quite a bit, but we’ll tell you where to find them, including the Slippery Slide, and give you a general idea of what you’re up against fo your 40,000 XP.

All parkour challenge locations and how to beat them

You can find the Parkour Paradise tent housing the three parkour challenges on the west side of the island just past the Slurp Juice shop. It should be noted, however, that completing the Slippery Slide course at the very back end (north) of the island will also reward you with progress toward your three parkour challenges.

Parkour Paradise
Parkour Paradise

Jungle Trip

You’ll first have to jump over some logs here, which the game seems almost determined to make impossible due to the fact that Fortnite isn’t exactly designed for platforming. If you can manage to jump just right and hold the button to mantle, you may be able to sort of make your way through it with janky mantling, but good luck.

On the other side, use the grapple gun here to attach to the pillars and swing across, letting go and reattaching to each one as your swing nears its best height. At the end, you’ll be given a bow that you can use to shoot the target ahead and end the challenge.

Sand is Lava

Immediately jump across the four bowls (sconces?) and then bounce on the four launch pads. At the next platform, getting a running start and mantle to the ledge, repeating this process again directly ahead. Shoot the moving target with the bow and you’ll be transported to another platform where you’ll need to look down and do the same thing–once again transporting you forward. Now cross the moving carpets to be presented with a Falcon Scout item.

Use the Falcon Scout from your inventory and fly through the gap in the wall into a puzzle where you need to find the correct door. The order of the correct doors from left to right is as follows:

  • First Room – Door 1
  • Second Room – Door 2
  • Third Room – Door 2
  • Fourth Room – Door 4

Finally, boost the Falcon Scout into the target to be transported to the final section of the challenge. Here, simply jump across the moving platforms, then slowly creep your way up the string lights before leaping off to the platform ahead to finish the challenge. That last part is easier said than done, though–the game’s physics don’t seem to want to work with you, so be extra careful.

Survive the Kitchen

When you start, look for open cabinets on the left side of the kitchen and climb up them to the counter. Quickly run past the flames on the stove, then weave between the moving plants. The hit detection on the plants is pretty wonky, though, so you may glitch around and have to restart this section a time or two before you get through it. Once you arrive at the sink, you’ll need to jump to the first mug, then the center section, then the second mug.

After clearing the sink, head to the end and take the lift up to the top shelf. Here, you’ll need to dodge some moving orange walls, so rush around past the box and then over the table and the shelf. When you reach the last one, stand on the floating platform until the orange wall passes you, then take off and jump to the umbrella. Leap from there to the last section where you should be able to easily dodge the moving items and enter the triangular hole to finish the course.

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