FIFTY FIFTY talk going viral on TikTok: “In a way, we were prepared”

Rookie K-pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY have opened up about what it feels like to go viral on TikTok.

Last month, a sped-up version of FIFTY FIFTY’s sophomore single ‘Cupid’ started going viral on TikTok. The song’s popularity on the social media app has since translated into commercial success outside of the platform, with the song even charting on the Billboard Hot 100.

On the heels of the success of ‘Cupid’, FIFTY FIFTY held a press conference in Seoul today (April 14) to perform the song, as well as chat about what it feels like to go viral.


Member Aran recalled when she found out the girl group had charted on the Billboard Hot 100, saying: “I had just woken up and opened the curtains when Sio told me, ‘Hey, we got on the Billboard chart’.”

“I knew people would one day recognise that it is a good song, but I didn’t expect it to come so quickly and so intensely,” she added. However, the singer also noted that “in a way, [the girl group] were prepared” as they had already recorded an English version of ‘Cupid’ “from the start.”

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Meanwhile, Keena spoke about how her dream to hear her song playing while walking around own has happened. “That dream has come true, and then I realize that all of this is really happening,” sahe said. “This conference right now feels surreal, too.”

Elsewhere in the press conference, FIFTY FIFTY also acknowledged how the overseas success of ‘Cupid’ has not necessarily reached in their home country of South Korea. “I don’t feel as strong of a reaction in Korea yet, but we have been receiving love, and we will continue to grow,” said Saena.

‘Cupid’ has so far peaked at Number 85 on the Billboard Hot 100 as of writing. On the other hand, the song has only charted at Number 111 on the Circle Chart, South Korea’s equivalent of Billboard.


FIFTY FIFTY are only the sixth K-pop group to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, after Wonder Girls, BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE and NewJeans. Earlier this week, FIFTY FIFTY released an official sped-up version of ‘Cupid’.

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