Fan-Made Dead Space Demake Is Free, Gives Game PS1 Makeover

Fan-Made Dead Space Demake Is Free, Gives Game PS1 Makeover

You’ve heard of the 2023 Dead Space remake, but now you’re able to play an unofficial, fan-made “demake.” The 15-minute experience features a PS1 aesthetic and was created by Fraser Brumley. You can download the demake for free on

This game feels and plays just like the 2008 original, but looks like a PS1 game from 1998. “I’ve been working on this for a lot longer than I planned and the end product is probably shorter than you expect but I hope you have fun playing it,” Brumley said.

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The creator notes that this project was mostly meant to teach them how to use the Unreal Engine, while also figuring out how to utilize the PS1 aesthetic.

“Look forward to what I’ll be putting together in the future.”

As shown in a short clip shared on Twitter, the demake lets players explore the USG Ishimura while taking out deadly Necromorphs, just like in the original game.

Dead Space is a survival-horror game that first launched for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in 2008. This spawned two sequels, Dead Space 2, and Dead Space 3 in 2011 and 2013, respectively. A PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC remake of the first game launched in 2023 and received universal acclaim.

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