Ezra Miller Housing Children At A Gun-Filled Farm

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By Michileen Martin
| 21 seconds ago

Hey, did anyone say something like, “On the bright side, this Ezra Miller situation sure can’t get any worse?” Because if so… yeah — you were wrong. You were very, very wrong. According to a report that surfaced today, Miller is not only in possession of a small arsenal on his Vermont farm, but the Justice League star is hosting a mother and her three children who have reportedly been there since April.

The report comes from Rolling Stone (via Yahoo Entertainment) who spoke to a number of anonymous sources claiming that Ezra Miller’s safety maintenance of his guns and ammunition is so neglectful on the property that they allegedly witnessed one of the children — a one-year-old — pick a bullet off the ground and put it in their mouth. The sources also claim that Miller regularly smokes marijuana around the children with little or no consideration for ventilation.

Speaking to Rolling Stone under condition of anonymity, the 25-year-old mother claimed that she met Miller when they were in Hawaii earlier this year and that they saved her from an “abusive ex.” She called the Vermont ranch “a healing haven.” As opposed to what another anonymous source told the magazine, the mother told Rolling Stone, “They may have firearms for self-defense purposes and they are stored in a part of the house that the children never go in.”

Rolling Stone claimed to have seen evidence that contradicts what the mother said about the weapons. The magazine claims to have seen video footage from Ezra Miller’s home showing at least eight different firearms — handguns, rifles, and assault weapons — “lying around” the actor’s living room. The video also allegedly shows firearms next to “a pile of stuffed animals.”

The magazine also says they’ve spoken to the father of the children, who likewise spoke under the condition of anonymity. He claims Ezra Miller arranged for the mother and children’s flight out of Hawaii without the father’s knowledge, and that he’s been trying to get the law to intervene since April. He denies any claims that he was abusive and says he hasn’t traveled to Vermont because, “I don’t want [the children] to see anything like that. I just want them to see that, ‘Hey [Dad] showed up, let’s get in the car and go.’ It’s been traumatic enough.”

This is the latest — and potentially the most worrisome — story in a growing list of allegations against an increasingly unpredictable Ezra Miller. In the past month, two different families have turned to courts for orders of protection on behalf of their children, who the respective parents allege were groomed by Miller. After one of those orders of protection were granted, Miller deleted their social media after posting a number of taunting messages to their Instagram account. Before that, Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii, first for alleged disorderly conduct, and next for allegedly breaking a woman’s nose at a party after throwing a chair into a crowd.

the flash

Ezra Miller’s blockbuster The Flash is currently scheduled to release next year, and Warner Bros. Discovery has been decidedly quiet about the speedster star and the allegations against them. Sooner or later, we suspect, the studio will have to break the silence, and hopefully before things get worse. Historically speaking, a situation that includes law enforcement officers approaching a remote location housing a potentially mentally ill person and an alleged arsenal of firearms does not work out well.