Ezra Miller Filming New Flash Scenes Confirmed

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Reports that Ezra Miller has been filming new scenes for The Flash have now been confirmed.

By Britta DeVore
| Published

To say the upcoming DCEU flick The Flash has had more drama surrounding it than in it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch. The film’s star, Ezra Miller, who plays the Flash, has found themselves in more than a little bit of hot water with the law. And now, following recent reports that not only would Warner Bros. Discovery be moving forward with the film, but that they were planning to follow through with reshoots, we can confirm that that is indeed the case. 

A recent piece published by Vanity Fair revealed that not only was Ezra Miller back on the set of The Flash, but that they were hard at work doing reshoots and filming “additional scenes.” This new information coincides with YouTuber Syl Abdul, who first broke the news just a few weeks ago. With many fans praising the new feature following a slew of test screenings, with some comparing it to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films, it sounds as though Warner Bros. Discovery has a hit on their hands. 

Questions began to swirl surrounding the fate of the Ezra Miller led feature since the actor’s battle with mental health issues threatened the outcome of The Flash. From bar fights to breaking and entering, it seems as though the We Need to Talk About Kevin star has been allegedly involved in it all over the past several months. After the latest alleged crime landed them with a felony charge, the actor seemed to be taking a break to better themselves and seek mental health treatment

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in Justice League (2017)

With the news that Ezra Miller was taking a pause in their work on The Flash to seek professional help just one month ago, the reshoot news comes as a bit of a surprise. Focusing on an emotional and mental break as large as the one the actor seems to have been having is not a small task, and returning to the set of a blockbuster film seems like a giant undertaking and possible roadblock to any sort of long lasting healing. With years of pent up issues and accusations coming to the surface, we’re hoping that this is the right call for the actor’s well being and not just a way for the studio to make sure they make up their already spent money.

The feature is set to be a multiverse hopping venture for the DCEU with Ezra Miller’s the Flash aka Barry Allen zipping back through time to stop his mother’s murder. As with most things time travel related, his actions have severe consequences that will impact the entire world around him. Fans have been looking forward to the film as it’s already been revealed that several previous DC film stars will be making their return via the universe bending flick including Michael Keaton, Michael Shannon, and Ben Affleck, along with Ron Livingston, Kiersey Clemons, Antje Traue, and Sasha Calle. 

Coming off of the fan and media fire surrounding their ditched production of Batgirl, it’s no shock as to why Warner Bros. Discovery is trying to save the much more expensive project. With Ezra Miller back on the set of The Flash it seems as though the studio is drawing a line in the sand and sending the message that this movie will be made no matter what the cost.