Exclusive: Sydney Sweeney Offered Lead Role In Minecraft Movie

Exclusive: Sydney Sweeney Offered Lead Role In Minecraft Movie

We’ve learned from our sources that Sydney Sweeney has been offered the lead role of the upcoming Minecraft movie.

By Michileen Martin
| Updated

We already knew she was joining the Spider-Verse, and now she might be a part of another big nerdy blockbuster. Our trusted and proven sources tell us that Sydney Sweeney has been offered the female lead role for the upcoming Minecraft movie. If she takes the part, it will put her opposite Jason Momoa, whose casting was announced last April by The Hollywood Reporter.

So far there’s no word on whether or not Sydney Sweeney will say yes to the Minecraft offer, but from a couple of different points of view the opportunity seems like a no-brainer. After getting a pair of Emmy nominations — for both Euphoria and The White Lotus — Sweeney has seemed keen to strike while the proverbial iron is hot, including forming her own production company. Saying yes to Minecraft would give Sweeney the opportunity to work with two Hollywood notables she’s never collaborated with before: Momoa and director Jared Hess.

Then there’s the opportunity Minecraft presents to let Sydney Sweeney jump on a successful entertainment trend before it makes its downward turn. Sweeney will star in Sony’s Madame Web next February, but all signs seem to point to superhero movies having reached their peak. Meanwhile with successful video game adaptations like Uncharted, The Last of Us, and the Sonic films — along with upcoming adaptations of Borderlands, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Fallout, Twisted Metal, and more — video game movies and TV series are looking to be in the 2020s what superhero movies were in the 2010s.

Along with the question of whether or not Sydney Sweeney will join the cast of Minecraft, there remain a lot of unknowns about the film. In spite of only very few of the cast and crew being announced at this point, that information represents the most we can definitively say about the film. Momoa is currently the only actor known to have officially signed on the feature and he was preceded by just about the least Momoa-like actor ever — Steve Carell of The Office fame.

There’s no word whatsoever on the story that will be presented by Jason Momoa and possibly Sydney Sweeney in Minecraft. It will be based on a sandbox game in which players in a three dimensional terrain enjoy the freedom to craft just about whatever they can imagine as long as they have the materials to do so. While Minecraft will reportedly be a live-action film, it’s nearly impossible to consider an adaptation that doesn’t involve a lot of digital visual effects.

Minecraft not only represents a wonderful opportunity for Sydney Sweeney, but could turn into a cinematic comeback for Jared Hess. The director became a known quantity with the 2004 comedy Napoleon Dynamite. He’s been working in TV regularly for the past six years, but his last feature was the 2016 crime comedy flop Masterminds.

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