Exclusive: Brad Pitt In Talks For Deadpool 3

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Brad Pitt is negotiating a role in Deadpool 3.

By Nathan Kamal
| Published

Brad Pitt is currently in negotiations to appear in the much-anticipated Deadpool 3. Though the only people so far confirmed to be acting in the third Deadpool movie are Ryan Reynolds (obviously) and Leslie Uggams (who portrayed Deadpool’s elderly roommate in the first two movies), casting one of the biggest stars in the world would be a pretty big get for any movie. We do not yet know whether Brad Pitt is being considered for a starring role in Deadpool 3 or whether he will be returning for another, potentially grisly cameo.

If cast, Brad Pitt would not be encountering Ryan Reynold’s superpowered mercenary for the first time in Deadpool 3. In Deadpool 2, the Fight Club actor showed up for a blink-and-miss-it appearance as a member of X-Force; specifically, he played a character named the Vanisher, whose power of invisibility keeps the actor’s identity secret until his violent death via electrocution. Interestingly, the traditional Marvel Comics version of the Vanisher does not typically have the power of invisibility, but is known as a teleporter; given that he shows up for mere seconds for a comedically dark death, it probably does not matter all that much.

In fact, it is entirely possible that Brad Pitt will be showing up (such as it is) as the Vanisher once again if he is cast in Deadpool 3. Thanks to some nifty time-traveling technology courtesy of Cable (Josh Brolin), Ryan Reynolds spent the mid- and post-credits sequences of Deadpool 2 jumping through reality to bring various people back to life and kill some others, notably the version of Deadpool from the universally despised X-Men Origins: Wolverine and a version of Ryan Reynolds the actor. In theory, there is really no reason why Brad Pitt could not be returning as the Vanisher in Deadpool 3, though it might be a silly use of his star power. 

On the other hand, Brad Pitt could be joining Deadpool 3 as a multidimensional variant of Cable himself; at one point, both he and Michael Shannon were in the running to play the powerful mutant soldier, so having him pop up as an alternate version of Josh Brolin would be a typically Deadpool meta-joke. Josh Brolin himself is reportedly signed to a four-film deal to appear in films as Cable, but that does not necessarily mean that he will be showing up in Deadpool 3. After all, now that Disney has access to mutantkind, we could get Cable in all sorts of projects. 

Deadpool 3 will be the first movie in the series to take place in the mainstream Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the first MCU movie confirmed to be rated R. This is a pretty big change for both the series and Marvel, and it seems that Ryan Reynolds is planning it close to the chest as to what that means for Deadpool. However, if that means we get to see Brad Pitt show up, only to yet again die horribly, we are cool with it.