Elder Scrolls Online Dev Says It’s Working On A “Resolution” After Stolen Art Claim

The developer of The Elder Scrolls Online has responded to a claim that the game uses fan art made by someone who was apparently not credited or compensated for their work.

In a tweet from the game’s official account, the studio said, “It was never our intention to include any community fan art without proper credit.” Developer ZeniMax Online Studios said it is now speaking to the artist in question and is working on steps to “make sure that there is a proper resolution.” You can see comparison images of the fan art and the store item below.

Tumblr user relan-daevath said they created fan art in 2020 of body art that was later turned into an official cosmetic skin–Mercrymother’s Body Art–that players can buy with real money. The artist shared a comparison photo (below) that shows their work and the body art available for sale in ESO. “It’s my art but I’m not even mentioned??” the artist said in their social media post.

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This isn’t the first time a huge studio has been accused of taking fan art and putting it into their game. In 2022, Activision removed a dog/wolf skin from Call of Duty after an artist claimed Activision plagiarized their work. Activision later apologized for what it called a “misstep.”

The Elder Scrolls Online released in 2014 and has been regularly updated and supported since then. The game’s next expansion, Necrom: Shadow Over Morrowind, launches in June.

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