Dune 2 Is Adding A James Bond Star In A Key Role

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Because Denis Villeneuve opted to just adapt the initial 1 / 2 of Frank Herbert’s authentic Dune book with his very first Dune film, that led to a small number of character types from the initial source material getting left out. For your filmmaker and enthusiasts of his undertake Dune Thankfully, Warner Bros. Images and Legendary Images greenlit a sequeI to chronicIe that last mentioned half. During the last couple of months, we’ve learned all about a number of the brand-new faces who’ll end up being along for your Dune 2 trip, and the most recent addition compared to that mixed team is really a star from some recent Adam Connection movies.

Léá Seydoux, who performed Madeleine Swann, the like curiosity to Daniel Craig’s Adam Connection in Spéctre and <ém> VIRTUALLY NO TIME to Die , is within discussions to become listed on Dune 2 currently. In accordance with Deadline , after the offer is finalized, Seydoux shall play Margot, Female Fenring, the spouse of Count number Hasimir associate and Fenring from the Bene Gesserit, like Lady Jessica just, Paul Atreides’ mom. Without entering particular spoilers, Margot eventually ends up getting among Paul’s allies, after Home Atreides is overthrown with the scheming Harkonnens also.