Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Dreamlight Fruit

Disney Dreamlight Valley tends to include some new ingredients and recipes with each update, ensuring there’s always something new to seek out and use. If you’ve seen Dreamlight Fruit in your collections tab, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on some. We’ve got everything you need to know about getting Dreamlight Fruit below.

How to get Dreamlight Fruit in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get Dreamlight Fruit, you’ll need to visit the Lion King realm and recruit Simba first. You can access the realm using 10,000 Dreamlight at the realm door in the castle, and you’ll have to knock out some initial quests to get Simba to move to your valley.

Once Simba is in your valley, you’ll need to get him to friendship level 7 and start his “Seed of Memories” quest. This quest is fairly lengthy and may require multiple days to complete, so don’t go into it expecting that you can get Dreamlight Fruit right away.

The first step of “Seed of Memories” is to speak to Scar, so find him and have a quick conversation where he informs you that you need to seek out Dreamlight Seeds in the Vitalys Mines. You can find these mines against the cliffside in Sunlit Plateau.

There's a room behind these rocks.
There’s a room behind these rocks.

Once inside the Vitalys Mines, go immediately to the right and past a lot of mine carts until you spot some strange rocks inside what appears to be a doorway. Interact with these and enter the small room. Inside, interact with the various items listed by the quest until you’re prompted to go speak with Merlin–it’s always Merlin, isn’t it?

Speak with Merlin, who then informs you that you’ll need to make two potions.

  • Potion of Growth – Dream Shard x3, Blueberry x6, Empty Vial x1
  • Potion of Dust – Night Shard x3, Orange Marsh Milkweed x3, Empty Vial x1

You can find Dream Shards and Night Shards by digging the glowing spots around the valley, blueberries are found on blueberry bushes wherever you’ve placed those, and Orange Marsh Milkweed can be plucked in the Glade of Trust. Lastly, craft the two Empty Vials using three pieces of Glass each.

Craft the two potions and then head back to the room inside the Vitalys Mines. Place both potions on the table on the right side of the room, then pick up the Dreamlight Tree Seed that drops from doing so. Show this to Simba, then follow him outside to the nearby pond.

Place the two potions on the table.
Place the two potions on the table.

Outside at the pond in Sunlit Plateau, you can finally plant the Dreamlight Tree Seed and water it. It won’t grow right away, though, so you’ll have to tend to it for a day or so.

We’ll update this as soon as we know the last part of the quest.

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