Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Craft Interactive Companion Items And How They Work

Companions have long been a staple of the Disney Dreamlight Valley experience, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to have a cute friend by their side everywhere they go. As of the April 2023 update, however, up to four companions can also spend time around a companion home and play with some interactive items. Here’s everything you need to know about interactive companion items.

How to craft interactive companion items

There are four interactive companion items, as well as a Cozy Companion Home, which will be required to house your little pals (more on that below. Here’s the crafting recipes for each item.

  • Cozy Companion Home – Softwood x15, Sunflower x5, White & Red Hydrangea x5, Topaz x1
  • Playful Companion Pinwheel – Softwood x5, Fiber x5, Pink Hydrangea x5
  • Pixar Companion Ball – Red Bell Flower x3, Yellow Daisy x5, Blue Hydrangea x5
  • Fuzzy Friend Companion Dish – Clay x5, Wheat x5, Red Bell Flower x2
  • Flying Companion Feeder – Softwood x5, Clay x5, Wheat x5, Red Bell Flower x2

How interactive companion items work

Before you can have your companions play with their interactive items, you’ll first need to craft the Cozy Companion Home and place it somewhere. Afterward, interact with it and select up to four of your companions to live there. Once you do this, they’ll wander around the area and enjoy their new space.

You can choose up to four companions to wander around the Cozy Companion Home.
You can choose up to four companions to wander around the Cozy Companion Home.

Each of the interactive items you craft can be placed near the Cozy Companion Home, and your companions will occasionally stop by and interact with them. When they’re hungry, the ground companions will eat from the Fuzzy Friend Companion Dish, while flying companions will feast from the Flying Companion Feeder. There’s not much else for you to do with them at moment, but having a spot to watch your favorite companions having fun is still adorable.

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