‘Diablo’ manager teases “secret” ‘Diablo 4’ announcement coming tomorrow

Diablo franchise manager Rod Fergusson has teased a “secret announcement” for Diablo 4, which will be made during a livestream held tomorrow (April 20).

Yesterday (April 18), Diablo global community development director Adam Fletcher confirmed that Blizzard will be hosting a Developer Update Livestream on Thursday (April 20).

The stream will kick off at 7PM BST and will “be a big one” according to Fletcher, who will be joined on-stream by Diablo 4 director Joe Shely and associate director Joseph Piepiora.


As for what it will contain, Fletcher told fans it will last approximately 90 minutes and “dive deeper in endgame, class/dungeon beta learnings, and more”.

However, Fergusson (via Gamesradar) has teased that a “secret announcement” will also be made during the stream.

While the “secret” is yet to be revealed, fans have been speculating on what Blizzard will announce. Some believe that the studio will reveal an endgame-focused beta to give players a taste of Diablo 4‘s post-campaign activities before launch, while others have gone further and suggested Blizzard will unveil the return of Diablo‘s Paladin class.


While the Paladin class debuted in 2000’s Diablo 2, it’s yet to appear in later Diablo games. However, Diablo 2‘s Necromancer class will be one of five classes available in Diablo 4 at launch — and has already proven popular with fans, as it was one of the most-played classes in last month’s Diablo 4 beta.

Diablo 4 is just under two months away from launch, and will arrive on June 6 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Ahead of its launch, Fergusson recently told NME that March’s beta tests have ensured Diablo 4 will launch in a smoother state. After acknowledging that players experienced server and technical issues during the game’s first beta weekend, Fergusson said fans “have to recognise that they’re helping us make the actual launch of the game that much better”.

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